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Industrial and Interaction Design
  • worclip:

    PLAAT by Quinten Peuling and Wisse Trooster of qoowl, and Dewi Bekker

    An elegant ‘technical’ bag recognizable by the pattern in which the wood is cut. The clean exterior is complemented by the leather interior with sleek lines. The flexibility of the timber, obtained by the technical production, in combination with leather makes this a special bag. The handbag is delivered as a flat piece. After threading the leather cord through the interior and tightening it the bag is shaped into its recognizable form.

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  • wetheurban:

    DESIGN: The Morphing FES Watch by Takt Project

    The FES Watch steps up the game for e-ink watches, using electronic paper not just on the dial, but across the entire strap.

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  • utilitarianthings:

    In recent years, Best Buy has faced big sales challenges. Ziba designed Modal, an exclusive line of electronics accessories, to help the company innovate.


  • wetheurban:

    SPOTLIGHT: T(ex)ting by Lora Mathis & Kasey Reinbold

    Right in the feels! T(ex)ting is a series that explores how the termination of a relationship interrupts routine, and how technology’s capacity to convert the emotional to the tangible (in the form of archived text messages) can prolong the healing process that follows a break-up. More after the jump:

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  • userdeck:

    IKEA spoofs Apple with Bookbook”.

  • fastcompany:

    NASA announced Tuesday that it has selected Boeing and SpaceX to transport astronauts to and from the International Space Station. In total, these contracts are worth $6.8 billion: $4.2 billion for Boeing and $2.6 billion for SpaceX.

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